Q: Why are there the two rating scores in the album comments and what do they mean?
A: The first score is a year based score, the second score is rated against all music from my current perspective. The second score will likely favor newer albums because the production on older albums just isn’t as good, so they are sometimes a little harder to listen too. An album that was better than almost anything else released in 1979 or 1980 might not stand up that well 30+ years later

Q: What is your rating scale?
A: 1-5 will rarely appear here, because I probably won’t take my time to talk about crappy albums. However, sometimes a band I like might release a stinker (I can think of a couple off the top of my head). A 6-7 is a decent album, but I probably skip some of the songs when I listen to it, which probably doesn’t happen very often. A 6 or 7 might also fall more into the “Rock” category rather than the metal category. An 8 rocks. It’s a good solid album, always worthy of a listen. Many excellent “Hard Rock” releases might end up in this category.¬† A 9 is a great album. I probably get in the mood to hear this album an a regular basis. A few non-metal albums will make it into this category, but not many. There is no 10, instead there is 212 (Of course). A 212 album is awesome and is worthy of ranking in my list of 212 albums. As soon as it ends, I probably want to listen to it again. No album is perfect, so I will try to keep that in mind as I hope to actually award this score to some albums.

Q: Are you going to create a 212 list of the greatest albums?
A: Yes, I intend to.

Q: Where are all the “Classic Rock” bands?
A: I’m old but just a little too young for most of those bands. I got seriously into music in 1983. Don’t get me wrong there are some great songs by Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin and others, but only a few albums of that era have made it into my universe of great music that I listen to regularly.

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