Megadeth at the AZ State Fair 10/30

On Wednesday, October 30, Megadeth is playing at the Arizona State Fair. Tickets are $20. But if you pay to get into the State Fair, it is $10. BUT if you work where I do, then you can get into the fair and the concert *with a chica* for $10.

Well I have training M-F from 3-9 but might take the day off to go see Megadeth. The opportunity cost is a day’s pay – a reasonable price for a ticket anyways.

I haven’t even listened to their FOURTEENTH studio album, Super Collider. And Dave says he is already thinking about a fifteenth album. He doesn’t want to die with his music in him.

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One Response to Megadeth at the AZ State Fair 10/30

  1. The Dad says:

    I wish I could go – It would be like that night in El Paso! Awesome!
    Too bad you can’t take a half day …